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Our Mission

Providing a powerful and highly visible investigative response to the most serious incidents of cyber crime: pursuing cyber criminals at a national and international level.

Working proactively to target criminal vulnerabilities and prevent criminal opportunities.

Assisting the enforcement agency to pursue those who utilise the internet or ICT for criminal means. This includes offering technical, strategic and intelligence support to law enforcement, as well as supporting the training and rehabilitate on Cyber Crime in Nigeria.

Driving a step-change in the Nigeria's overall capability to tackle cyber crime, supporting partners in industry and law enforcement to better protect themselves against cyber crime.

The Organisation for Cyber Protection and Development therein called the cyber corps was established in the year 2008. In its commitment to internet security, Peace and National Development, it was registered as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria under the Company and Allied Matters Act of 1990, Part C.

In the past, cybercrime was usually committed mainly by individuals and groups called syndicate. Today, we are seeing criminal organizations working with criminally minded technology professionals to commit cybercrime. Based on the record provided by the international agencies tackling cybercrime globally, Nigeria is ranked the third (3rd) in the world. This record sprung the D.G and other members of his team to take up the task of sensitizing, orientating and fighting cybercrime in Nigeria, in a bid to provide a unique opportunity to redeem our beloved country’s image globally.


In Nigeria , October 24th 2014 marked a new dawn in the cyber environment when the upper chambers of the legislative arm of government passed into law the long awaited cyber crime bill.

For the past 10 years, several bills on cyber crime had been pushed to the national assembly by the Nigeria IT experts, but none scaled through the final reading on the floor of the senate.

Many of the bills did not even get mentioned , until this cyber crime bill was approved by the senate , a development that has drawn commendations from ICT professionals within and outside the country.

While presenting his report, the chairman of the senate committee on the bill, Sen. Umaru Dahiru, said “The introduction of the bill was timely and would protect and punish electronic fraud and other cyber related crimes in the cyberspace. The bill when fully implemented would bring about a sustained strategic ,tactical and operational approach to fight against cyber crime”.

He added that the protection of critical national infrastructure in any jurisdiction was necessary as it was in line with the need for a broader coverage of cyber related crimes and the emerging global trnds of cyber-terrorism.


Penalties for computer related crimes in New York State ranges from a fine and a short period of jail time for a Class A misdemeanor uch as unauthorized use of a computer up to computer tampering in the first degree which is a Class C felony and can carry 3 to 15 years in prison.

Provision of the law in Nigeria

  1. Seven years imprisonment for offenders of all kinds of computed related fraud, computer related forgery, cyber-pornography, cyber-stalking and cyber-squatting.
  2. Criminalize certain acts and omissions in the regional and international best practices and provision of procedural guidelines for the investigation of such offenses.
  3. Defines the liability of service providers and ensures that national interest is not compromised by the use of electronic communications.
  4. To provide a legal framework for the prohibition and punishment of electronic fraud and cyber crime whilst promoting e-government services, electronic communications and transactions between public and private bodies as well as institution and individuals.

Advantages Of The Bill

Effective enforcement will:

  1. Deter and penalize cyber mischief.
  2. Stem the negative misconceptions about the Nigeria nation in the foreign media and community, and project a new image for the nation.
  3. Reduce the number of cyber criminal cases.
  4. Safer cyberspace.
  5. Confidence on e-commerce thereby boosting sales.
  6. Confidence during online transaction.

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