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We are excited to announce the support of international movie star, Jackie Chan, who has agreed to become an Ambassador for the Turn Back Crime campaign.

His martial arts moves have defeated criminals on screen, now the dynamic director, actor and stuntman is taking on a new crime-fighting role.

Members of the team travelled from France to China to meet him on the set of his current film at the Hengdian World Studios. The “supercop” took a break from filming to talk to us.

In a film-history that spans decades, Chan has been faced with counterfeit scams, drugs, theft and murder. But this time, the villains are all too real. They are the organized networks behind the spread of fake goods, trafficking in human beings, cybercrime and more.

“In my films, I always take down the criminals. I always win. But in the real world, it’s totally different”.

Organized crime is not fiction. It’s dangerous, it's global, and it affects you.

Everyone has a part to play and black-belt Jackie Chan is rising to the challenge: “Join me. Together, we can turn back crime”.

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